ReCon high performance electric power series loggers set a new standard in functionality, versatility, compactness and simplicity of use.


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Version with THD, GSM and USB

Versatile and robust monitoring of electrical consumption with remote communication capability.

The increasing cost of energy and environmental problems require increasingly sophisticated consumption recording tools. Knowing precisely where and when electrical energy is used is the first step in any energy efficiency improvement program.

CESINEL’s ReCon T series of high performance recorders set a new standard in functionality, versatility, size and ease of use.

The equipment includes the probes from the factory

Flexible current so the logger can be installed in a few minutes. Once connected, the equipment begins to record all the essential electrical parameters as well as voltage events. This record can be download from the internal memory directly through the USB port of the equipment or, using the modem included in the equipment, have the data available on an Internet server.

The ReCon T three-phase consumption logger is the ideal solution for occasional metering campaigns and large-scale distributed plans

The instrument is also available with Microflex current sensor set, suitable when there are size constraints (they are thinner and shorter coils):

Compact, robust and versatile electrical energy monitoring with USB and Ethernet
communication capabilities.

Today’s increasing energy costs and environmental
concerns demand more sophisticated energy
recording tools. Knowing precisely where and when
energy is used is the first steps in any energy
management program. CESINEL ReCon series of
high-performance electrical energy loggers set a
new standard in functionality, versatility,
compactness, and simplicity of use.
Preinstalled with built-in flexible coils, installing the
logger is a matter of minutes. After installation the
logger will automatically record all your energy
parameters for later retrieval via the local USB port.
Other communication options are also available.
The ReCon T three-phase Energy Logger is the
perfect solution for occasional, large-scale,
distributed energy monitoring solutions.

Summary of main capabilities

Recorded phenomena

  • Voltage and current RMS max, average and minimum values
  • Voltage interruptions, dips and swells: time and duration of event
  • Network frequency max, average and minimum values
  • Active, reactive and apparent power (kW, kvar and kVA)
  • Active, reactive and apparent energy (kWh, kvarh and kVAh)
  • Total Power factor. In wye mode also per-phase is available
  • Voltage and current unbalance

Main features

  • Built-in backlit display
  • Powers directly from the measurement signals.
  • Single and polyphase connection topologies
  • Can also be powered directly from USB for easier use on a desk
  • Different sizes of flexible current sensors available
  • Magnetic back plate for instantaneous attachment to an electric panel
  • Very large memory available for mode than 3 months of non-stop recording
  • Storage interval from 1s to 60 minutes
  • 300 V CAT III overvoltage rating, double insulation for maximum safety.

Complete included software
The included MEDCALScope software allows a complete and exhaustive analysis of recorded data. It is possible to save the recorded data for later use and export the data to other computer applications such as spreadsheets and word processors, as well as check compliance with EN50160, NVE, PRODIST and other power quality standards and produce automated reports.

Voltage and current view

Harmonics view

Table view

Statistics and compliance checking

ITIC / CBEMA events curves

Instrument setup

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jean Darguere

    ReCon T it’s a really useful and intuitive product

  2. 4 out of 5

    John McAllister

    We had this product in usage for the last ten years without major reliability or precision concerns. By all means a reliable instrument staandard.

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