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MEDCAL S is an advanced power quality monitor, specifically designed for power quality studies. It is extremely easy to configure, with no external switches or adjustments.

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Advanced power quality monitor.

MEDCAL S is an advanced electrical quality monitor, specially designed to carry out supply quality studies at the end user level. The MEDCAL S monitor is extremely easy to set up and use and does not require any external switch or push button. Designed in accordance with the requirements of the EN61000 standard, it is the first single-phase recorder to fully implement the recommendations
of the EN 61000-4-7 standard for harmonic measurement and those of the EN 61000-4-15 standard for flicker measurement.
Contrary to other equipment, in MEDCAL S each cycle is analyzed to calculate harmonic amplitudes, effective values and disturbances.
MEDCAL S also includes a detection and recording system for
transients that records the waveform in full detail thanks to its high sampling rate (32 kHz.)
The large internal memory of the equipment and the exclusive data compression system allow it to store more than three months of continuous measurements under normal conditions without any type of external intervention.
The absence of any type of mechanical element makes the equipment extremely robust and reliable.
The included USB communication interface and cable allow direct communication and very fast data transfer with a personal computer.
A copy of our MEDCALScope software is included with each recorder at no additional cost. MEDCALScope allows a complete and exhaustive analysis of the recorded data. It is possible to save the data in a file for future use, export them for exchange with other programs and carry out studies of compliance with national supply quality standards.
MEDCAL S is produced in two different versions: One with a direct electrical socket in the equipment box itself, which facilitates its installation in any existing socket in the installation, and another with an IP-65 degree of protection, equipped with a cable with safety bananas. and that allows its operation outdoors and in a temperature range from -20ºC to 55ºC

  • Simple and fast recording of trends and fluctuations in supply voltage and other power quality parameters: to immediately get to the source of problems associated with supply problems in your single-phase network.
  • Intuitive and simple operation: connect the equipment directly to the mains socket and record any significant event
  • Continuous recording of all values, without gaps; save testing time by getting a picture of the whole situation with a single instrument that records effective voltage, frequency, harmonics and flicker as well as dips, voltage spikes and transients.
  • Provides a clear graphical summary of data and a quick overview of key power quality parameters; avoid the need for guesswork when diagnosing voltage quality problems
  • Minimum, maximum and average RMS values ​​(1/4 cycle) with time stamp: to see at a glance everything that happened and when
  • Real time-stamped transient display – Quickly identify power quality issues with included graphical software.
  • Recording of the flicker or “Flicker” according to the EN standard 61000-4-15, values ​​of total harmonic distortion (THD) and of individual harmonics with trend records: to easily determine if the problem is associated with the power supply or equipment
  • Statistical analysis of single-phase voltage events: reduces analysis time by tracking the quantities and magnitudes of events.
  • It includes the MEDCALScope software that allows a quick download of the data, its analysis and the automatic generation of reports of various international standards, including among others EN 50160.