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The CESINEL ARES range of medium voltage soft starters is designed to smoothly start and stop three-phase AC induction motors in fixed speed applications. 2 to 10 kV, up to 4 MVA

This product is manufactured at the request of the client according to the power needed.


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High performance, efficient and reliable static soft starters

CESINEL ARES range of medium voltage soft-starters is designed to smoothly start and stop three-phase induction AC motors in fixed speed applications. Additionally, it provides a complete set of motor-protection functions. ARES soft-starters are design for excellent performance and reliability regardless of power condition, load condition, and the extremity of its environment.

Rated at 500% In for 60 seconds, the ARES motor soft-starter series employs one of the highest rated power electronics stacks in current-carrying capacity, providing exceptional reliability and performance. Additionally, it provides maximum protection including motor thermal modeling, while allowing smooth control of acceleration and deceleration with different control strategies depending on the load. This prevents mechanical shocks from the load and protects the motor against voltage dips or surges in the power supply.

ARES soft starters reduce the voltage applied to the motor at start and stop. As a consequence, motor current and torque are regulated for a smooth start. The motor voltage control is performed using the wellproven firing angle control of connected thyristors.

Standard features
• Built-in voltage and current metering.
• Compact design both top or bottom cable
• Built-in bypass contactor.
• Motor fuses with blown fuse indicator.
• Complete optic-fiber based firing and status
• 4 programmable relay outputs.
• Advanced commissioning, control and
maintenance software.
• Optional cart-mounted power stacks for
easier maintenance.
• Optional ModBus TCP or ModBus RS-485
communication protocols for PCS integration

Advanced features for complete motor protection

The ARES soft-starter DSP-based controller offers a complete set of motor protection functions. Each of
the settings includes a warning and a trip threshold, with separate values for start and stop functions.

Ares static starter

Ares soft starter