MEDCAL S with Current clamp single phase network analyzer

MEDCAL S single phase network analyzer with Current clamp is an advanced power quality monitor, specifically designed for Power Quality studies. It is extremely easy to configure and setup, with no external switches or settings. Covering the requirements of EN-50160, it is the first single-phase monitor able to fully implement the recommendations of EN61000-4-7 harmonics measurement standard. Unlike other analyzers, in MEDCAL S with Current clamp every cycle is considered in the calculation of harmonic voltage amplitudes.

MEDCAL S with Current clamp also includes an advanced transient detection capability on the voltage channels. The voltage and current waveforms will be recorded whenever there is a voltage distortion on the instantaneous voltage.

The Current channel is designed to be used with amperimetric clamps, allowing a wide range of clamp ratios, from 1mV/A to 600mV/A.

MEDCAL S with Current clamp can store, under normal conditions, more than three months of recordings without external intervention. The absence of any mechanical elements makes the instrument extremely robust and reliable.

The included USB interface and cable allows direct communication with a personal computer. With every MEDCAL S with Current clamp, a copy of MEDCALScope PC software is included at no additional cost.

MEDCALScope allows a complete and exhaustive analysis of recorded data. It is possible to save the recorded data for later use, and export the data to other computer applications, as well as check compliance with power quality standards.