MEDCAL S IP-65 single phase network analyzer

MEDCAL S is an advanced power quality monitor, specifically designed for Power Quality studies. It is extremely easy to configure and set-up, with no external switches or settings.

Covering the requirements of EN50160, it is the first single-phase monitor able to fully implement the recommendations of EN61000-4-7 harmonics measurement standard.

Unlikeother analysers, in MEDCAL S every cycle is considered in the calculation of harmonic voltage amplitudes.

MEDCAL S also includes an advanced transient detection capability on the voltage channels.

The voltage waveform will be recorded whenever there is a voltage distortion on the instantaneous voltage.

MEDCAL S can store, under normal conditions, more than three months of recordings without external intervention.

The absence of any mechanical elements makes the instrument extremely robust and reliable.

The included USB interface and cable allows direct communication with a personal computer.

It is possible to connect a standard modem in order to operate a remote MEDCAL S.

With every MEDCAL S a copy of MEDCALScope PC software is included at no additional cost.

MEDCALScope allows a complete and exhaustive analysis of recorded data.

It is possible to save the recorded data for later use, and export the data to other computer applications, as well as check compliance with power quality standards.



Two RMS voltage channels
  • The instrument will record both Line-Neutral RMS voltage and, optionally, Neutral-Ground voltage.
  • Neutral is automatically detected upon connection.
  • Voltage RMS value. Maximum, average and minimum values. Programmable calculation period between 1 second and 60 minutes.
  • Voltage Frequency measurement. Maximum, average and minimum frequency recordings for every calculation period.
  • Voltage Harmonics amplitudes up to 63th order.
  • Short term (PST) and long term (PLT) flicker.
Events recorder
  • Voltage dips and peaks. Parameters: duration, maximum or minimum voltage reached, and exact time of the event.
  • Rapid voltage variations.
  • RMS profiles of Dips, Surges and Rapid Voltage Variations.
  • Voltage interruptions. Duration and timestamp of the event.
  • Voltage transient detection. Voltage waveform is recorded. Optionally, the waveform of the second voltage channel may be also recorded.
Software features
  • Displays registered values in spreadsheet and graphic format.
  • Produces automatic printed reports.
  • Performs statistical calculations on acquired data, in order to verify compliance with power quality standards.
  • Export data in ASCII format.


Technical specifications
  • RMS Voltage Resolution: 0.125 Volts
  • RMS Voltage Range: 0 to 300 Volts
  • RMS Voltage Precision: 0.5% of end-of-scale
  • Instantaneous voltage resolution for transient recording: 12 bits
  • Measuring method: True RMS calculation
  • Harmonic amplitude precision: 0.1% relative to fundamental
  • Maximum harmonics recording order: up to 63th harmonic
  • Frequency precision: 0.02 Hz
  • Frequency measurement range: 48.4 to 51.6Hz
  • Sampling frequency: 32 kHz per channel (640 samples/cycle at 50 Hz)
  • Internal Memory capacity: More than 3 months under normal conditions
  • Communication: USB, 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Internal clock precision: 1 second / month
  • Power consumption: 1 W
  • Weight: 200 gr
  • Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 40 mm
  • Operating temperature: -10 ºC to + 65 ºC
  • Relative humidity: 0% to 90%
Computer requirements
  • PC compatible Pentium processor or higher
  • 256 MB RAM Memory
  • 3 MB free space on the Hard Drive
  • One USB port
  • Operating system: Windows 2000™ or Windows XP™


Regulatory compliance
  • EN-55081 (part 1) Generic, Domestic and Light Industry emissions standard
  • EN-60555 Harmonics and fluctuation emissions standard
  • IEC-1000-4-1 Immunity against Voltage, Dips and Interruptions
  • EN-500082 (part 2) Generic, Commercial and Light Industrial immunity Standard
  • EN-61010 Measurement, Lab and Control Equipment. Low Voltage Directive. Safety requirements: Cat II 600V