About us

Compañía Española de Instrumentos Eléctricos (CESINEL) is the world leader in single-phase power quality analyzers. CESINEL was stablished in 1997, and is located in Madrid, Spain. Our first product, the MEDCAL power quality monitor became an immediate succes with over 2.000 units sold over the years. Our products have always been designed with the following guidelines in mind:
  • Ease of Use. A sign of advanced technology is an instrument that is easy to use. The instruments and our MEDCALScope software are both intuitive to you, meaning that a training class is not required to put the instruments to use.
  • Targeted to long-term recording. All models will record for at least 3 months under normal conditions. All our instruments are AC powered.
  • Compatibility. We have a single software package for all our instruments, making it possible to use it simultaneously with all our range.